Casting bronze sculpture using traditional Lost Wax process.
We are based just to the north east of Tunbridge Wells, where we have been for circa 40 years.

Founded by Wally Livingstone in the mid 60’s from premises in Bexley initially doing mould making, we introduced bronze casting and finishing in the late 70’s after moving out to west Kent.

Expansion led to current larger premises being sought which is where we have been since 1985.

We specialise in silicon moulds (with fibreglass cases), wax duplicates of sculptors’ originals, waste moulds for casting bronze, finishing and patination.

Bronze restoration, armature manufacture, steel/bronze fabrication is also undertaken.

Some of our recent projects

Clive Barker Paint Tins Livingstone Art Founders
Clive Barker
Nearly five decades after emerging as a Pop Artist, Clive Barker continues to make sculptures characterised by themes and techniques drawn from popular mass culture. In contrast to the abstract sculptor’s means of arranging shapes in a process of trial and error in order to create the final form, Barker’s creative process relies purely on intuition, association and memory. Barker’s past is still central to his present work, as 1960s London and New York are brought in to echo his present day mood.
Kate Denton
Kate was born in Sheffield. She spent her formative years living in the Channel Islands and went to Goldsmiths College where she studied under Sir Ivor Robert-Jones.

She took a post graduate qualification in foundry techniques and then worked in Poplar, making her one of the first women in the UK to work in a commercial foundry.

Kate has worked for 40 years as a sculptor, working both on her own creative pieces and on private and public commissions. She has exhibited broadly throughout the UK and South Africa, and was elected to the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1993.
Kate Denton - Dare to Dream - Livingstone Art Founders
Gill Brown - Young Girl - Livingstone Art Founders
Gill Brown
Gill Is a fine art Sculptor creating abstract, animal and female cast bronze sculptures.

Gill Brown was born and brought up in Liverpool, where she studied sculpture at the Liverpool College of Art for five years. After teaching art and pottery in the North, she went to America where she worked as a freelance artist.

She spent five years in Kenya where local carvings and jewellery added a new dimension to her work. On returning to the North of England she taught sculpture and pottery whilst producing work for exhibitions.

For the last twenty years she has lived in Tunbridge Wells. Her work is both figurative, wildlife and abstract and includes animals, birds and figures, from small maquettes to life-size pieces. All her work is cast in bronze using the lost wax method, at the Livingstone Art Founders.
Louise Giblin
Louise Giblin (1963-) is a Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors. She grew up on the Isle of Wight and lives and works on the Kent/East Sussex border, UK. Her work is exhibited and collected internationally.

In 2017 she was the artist invited to represent UK in the G7 of Art, Italy, and was awarded the Lorenzo Il Magnifico Gold, 1st place for Sculpture by the International Jury at the Florence Biennale XI. In April 2018, she received an ATIM International Masters Award for Contemporary Art at the Museum of Art and Design New York.

She studied Art and Design Foundation at Portsmouth, 3 years' 3D Design and BA Honours Sculpture at Brighton, where her tutors were Antony Gormley and Peter Randall-Page, and a further 4 years Master of Arts in History and Theory of Contemporary Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.
Louise Giblin - Sound Wall - Livingstone Art Founders
Livingstone Art Founders Ltd
Bronze restoration, armature manufacture, steel/bronze fabrication is also undertaken.

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